Knitdiaries hand-knit sweater (100% proceeds will be donated)

Hello, friends! 


I've decided to part with this amazing sweater I knit a couple of years ago. It's been worn 1-2 times (perfect condition) and my only reason for parting with it is due to allergies to the mohair in it! I've decided to use 100% of the proceeds from this sweater as a donation to a couple amazing women (Layla F. Saad & Rachel Ricketts) who have inspired me to learn how my own white supremacy, white priveledge and white fragility affects/harms others. 


Fiber:  Main Yarn: Cumbria Fingering (color Buttermere) 0% merino wool, 30% masham wool and 10% mohair. Colored section: mix of hand-dyed fingering weight yarns. 


Design: Stephen West's Marled Mania Sweater


    ©2019 Paige Parkin, the @Knitdiaries